Thursday, November 13, 2008

11th Annual Chocolate Show-Review and Chocolate Porn!

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!!! I was so chocolated out but it was a very fun experience at the chocolate show. We got to sample many types of chocolate in different favors, shapes and form, did some shopping, attended a few demonstrations by celebrity chefs which I thought was the best part of the chocolate show and we spotted a celebrity within the crowd. Here are the pics...sorry took so long to post them:

Pier 94: the place was huge and roomy, throughout the day I didn't feel that it was packed or crowded at all. We went around 11am because we were afraid there would be lines and ton of people but we walked right in w/ no problem. People started to come later on the day and there were long lines esp. the bathroom!

Virginie Duroc-Danner; Artiste Chcolatiere: These were one of my favorite pick from the show! Can you guess why I like them? They are freaken adorable! I love all the little details and shapes of the chocolate.

It also came w/ cute and pretty boxes:

Chocolate syrup: dark milk, caramel, white chocolate...

Mary's flower chocolate from Japan. These were filled with ganache blending cream and chocolate together. The chefs demonstrated their skills on painting a flower on each individual chocolate.

a very cool looking budda chocolate:

check out the christmas theme chocolate cards/pictures! great Christmas gift for chocolate lovers:

One of the outfits from the fashion show, the theme was superheroes. Yes, this outfit is made w/ chocolate! I heard from a chef, some parts of the chocolate outfit actually melted off the models while they were walking down the runway!

Celebrity sighting: Lisa Loeb! Thanks to Cecille for recognizing her and to Andy for helping us stalk her and had the courage to go up to her and ask if she's Lisa Loeb! lol =X

Keegan Gerhard, the emcee from Food Network Challenge. He was also the emcee for the chocolate demonstrations:

Jansen Chan from the restaurant Oceana. He was cooking his desert w/ Grand Marnier:

he made this and we all got to sample it:

Zac Young from the restaurant Butter. He was a fun presenter who cracked alot of jokes. He made a frozen white chocolate soufflé w/ Valrhona chocolate.

Frozen white chocolate soufflé:
this is the sample that his interns made for him show as the final product in which Andy shameless asked at the end if he can have! As you can tell by the picture above, the chef obviously said yes! It tasted much better then the sample we had, it was soooo good! We got to keep the cup too! yay..

The sample he gave out to the audience was a bit too salty. He likes to add salts to his sweets.

more chocolate porn.....

emergency chocolate bar cards w/ fun and interesting message on the box:

For relief from the symptoms of wrinkles and crow's feet.

Warning-May cause weight gain if used incorrectly

Directions: Simply break off the desired dosage and consume. You should quickly be overcome by stress-relieving endorphins and no longer conerned in the slightest about your wrinkles.

all different kinds of peanut butter:

chocolate fondue:

Chocolate covered cheerios and corn pops:

We stayed for around 4-5 hours at the chocolate show. We were all tired and sick of chocolate by the end. I wanted to stay for more of the demonstrations but we were hungry and craving for meat, salt, and real food so we left. My first chocolate show was a great experience and I would def. go again.

I <3>

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