Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Taiwan: Kaohsiung's Night Market

I'm finally posting some Taiwan food pics from my sister! My mouth literally dropped open when I saw these pics. I can't tell you how it taste but here's how it looks! So one of the must go to places in Taiwan is their famous food night markets. My sister now resides in Kaoshsiung and is just a few stop away from the Liouho Night Market, one of the famous night market in Taiwan. It's famous for it's various types of food and attract tourists from all over. Every night is packed with locals and foreigners.
A variety of dimsum. Some we're familiar with but I see a few new and innovative ones.
A few non traditional ingredients such as corn, spam/ham, chunks or crab meat, green looking wonton wrappers.
These are corndogs! Omg, they took it to another level. It looks amazing...
Bubble tea drink in a baby bottle, interesting....I hope no one choked =X

Doraemon red bean cake! Doraemon is a famous anime character. I think he's suppose to be a cat from space or something like that.
Fried squid hmmm....
These are huge!!
Seafood: you can choose any type and they will cook it any style you want right in front of you.
Fish balls on a stick with different types of broth.
You tiao and soybean milk- a popular dish among the Taiwanese
Fresh made egg rolls pastries.
that's it for now...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Day Surprise!

For this vday, I'm going to be all alone. :sigh: I think this is the first time I'll be alone for vday in my 8 year relationship with my boyfriend. He went to HK and will be there for a month. It's going to be a very long month. I miss him soo much! We actually talk almost everyday. Thank goodness, phone cards are so cheap these days. One phone card is $8 and has 500 mins.

Just an hour ago, I was working at my desk and my phone rang. I saw it was a unfamiliar phone number and I picked it up. This is how the conversation went:

dude: I'm downstairs, can you come pick it up?
me: excuse me...who's this?
dude: I'm from sugar sweet sunshine, I'm downstairs your building
me: :shock face: okay, I'll be there.

I went downstairs and didn't see anyone. I called the dude back and asked him where he was. He was at another CBW building. I told him the correct address and he came. I felt bad so I gave him more tip. He gave me a white bag, it looked like it had alot of box in it and on top of the box there was a card w/ andy's childish handwriting on it. In the bag, there were 3 boxes = 3 dozen cupcakes!!!!! There were all different types of favor. There was more of the pistachio, one of my favorite favors.

I opened all the box and shared it w/ my coworkers. They loved it! It was so funny that my coworker Brenda, was going out for a meeting and walked out w/ a chocolate cupcake; she called a few mins later just to tell Isabel how good it was. So funny!

I guess I'll be eating and getting fat this vday! I think I'm just going to bake and spend time with my parents. My gf Maribeth might chill with me this weekend so I'm excited.

If you guys planning on spending a low key vday, you may want to go for the Papa John's heart shape pizza. A nice romantic movie, pizza and cuddling sounds really nice....

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Tell someone you love how special they are to you...