Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Taiwan: Kaohsiung's Night Market

I'm finally posting some Taiwan food pics from my sister! My mouth literally dropped open when I saw these pics. I can't tell you how it taste but here's how it looks! So one of the must go to places in Taiwan is their famous food night markets. My sister now resides in Kaoshsiung and is just a few stop away from the Liouho Night Market, one of the famous night market in Taiwan. It's famous for it's various types of food and attract tourists from all over. Every night is packed with locals and foreigners.
A variety of dimsum. Some we're familiar with but I see a few new and innovative ones.
A few non traditional ingredients such as corn, spam/ham, chunks or crab meat, green looking wonton wrappers.
These are corndogs! Omg, they took it to another level. It looks amazing...
Bubble tea drink in a baby bottle, interesting....I hope no one choked =X

Doraemon red bean cake! Doraemon is a famous anime character. I think he's suppose to be a cat from space or something like that.
Fried squid hmmm....
These are huge!!
Seafood: you can choose any type and they will cook it any style you want right in front of you.
Fish balls on a stick with different types of broth.
You tiao and soybean milk- a popular dish among the Taiwanese
Fresh made egg rolls pastries.
that's it for now...


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