Friday, November 27, 2009

Last Minute Thanksgiving Dinner 2009

My Thanksgiving Dinner 2009:
4 hours of food/supply shopping
5+ hours of cooking
7 dishes
Spending thanksgiving with people I love = Priceless

Our thanksgiving feast:
This Thanksgiving we did everything last minute! I planned what I wanted to make and shopped the night before thanksgiving. I was going crazy running around finding ingredients for each of the dishes. After all the shopping, I was just too tired to start prepping so I told myself I would wake up really early (at 7am) to start everything...I over slept and totally missed my alarm so I woke up around 9. I was panicing because dinner is suppose to start at 2ish. I didn't think I could finish all 6 of the dishes in 5 hours but with the help of my father and sister (Vivian) we managed cook everything we wanted to make. Yay!

So this year I decided to make 7 dishes, 2 of them are my all time favorite potato shrimp salad and corn casserole (I make these every year! My fans, I mean my family members always request them). Five other dishes are new recipes which came out great!

Lumpia Shanghai (Flipinino egg rolls): I love Filipino food so I wanted to attempt my favorite Filipino dish. Special thanks to Maribeth and Joanne for their recipe:
String bean casserole:
Shrimp and prosciutto with alfredo sauce
Crab quiche
Crown Jewel Cake
Let me know if you want any of the recipes, everything was so simple to make!

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