Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Big Filipino Breakfast:

We couldn’t get enough of Filipino food so we decided to go try out some Filipino breakfast at Ihawan. This is my favorite Filipino restaurant at the 69th street area. The place is really ghetto; the first floor is a small take-out counter and the narrow stairs lead up to the 2nd floor of the dining hall which is right next to a hair salon. You can smell the chemicals when you walk up the stairs but when you sit down to eat, you won’t smell anything because the eating area is far from the salon. What’s so special about this place? I think it’s very cozy, it’s a family run place so everyone is so friendly, the food is awesome especially their bbq on the stick. We usually order alot of food, sometimes even if we know that we won't be able finish everything we'll order it anyway so we can take home!

We never tried their breakfast menu because we never got there early enough to order it. The breakfast menu is served on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from open to 11am. We rushed there (getting there is another story!) and got there at 11:15ish. We asked them if they still serve the menu and they were nice enough to give it to us! They gave us two menus, one with the today’s specials and their breakfast menu:

I didn’t know some of the items on the menu but they were so nice they explained it to us:
Longanisa = Philippine Sausage
Tocino = cured meat product native to the Philipines. It is often in strips, reddish in color and has a sweetish taste.
Daing na Bangus = Milkfish Marinated in Vinegar and Garlic
Tinapa = fish cooked/preserved through the process of smoking

So what did we order? For starters we order my favorite lumpang shanghai and avocado heilo:

It was a little too early for such oily, fried and fatten food but we couldn't help ourselves! It was so good!

I order the # 5 (I change the fish to Tinapa)
1 pork BBQ, 1 piece of Tinapa, 2 eggs and fried rice:

The garlic fried rice was really good, very flavorful with a lot of garlic taste. I broke my poached egg and ate it with the rice, great combination! The bbq pork tasted good but it was a little chewy this time. The Tinapa was awesome! It had a smoky grilled taste, the skin slightly crisp, and the fish meat was kind of creamy.

Andy ordered #1:
1 piece of Daing na Bangus, 1 tocino, 2 eggs and fried rice:

The tocino was sweet and tasted some what like their pork bbq on a stick. The Daing na Bangus was a little too crispy and dry.

This was such a huge breakfast for me sinceI usually eat little or nothing in the morning. I was so full and couldn’t move but it’s all worth it! I can’t wait to go back again to try something else!
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40-06 70th St.
Woodside, NY 11377 nr. Roosevelt Ave.
MTA: 7 Train to 69th Street

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