Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How I Met Your Mother....Best Burger in New York!?

I usually don't have time to watch TV but Andy got me into “How I Met Your Mother” since last summer. It’s a funny sitcom, each episode starts with the character Ted, telling his two children stories of how he met their mother but they keep you guessing who she is. After 4 seasons, we still don’t know who she is. Last night was the “Best Burger in New York” episode, which revolved around Marshall trying to search for the best burger he had 8 years ago.

It flash backed 8 years ago, when Marshall first moved to New York from a suburban area. He was a worried young man; who holds a baseball bat to guard himself in his own apartment from thieves that might break in. He's afraid to leave his apartment because he’s nervous to go onto the streets of New York. His friend Ted, (who he almost attacked with a baseball bat while going into their apartment because he thought he was a burglar) encouraged him to go explore the new neighborhood. After much push and shove from Ted, Marshall decided to take a walk and venture out onto the streets of New York.

Once he was out there he loved it and thought New York wasn’t so bad after all. He then felt hungry and found a hold in the wall burger joint with a gr
een door and red neon sign that says “BURGER”. There he had his first awesome burger but he could never find this place again. After that Marshall and Lilly tried every burger place in town but they couldn’t find it. It was funny because he made fun of a few New York burger joints such as the Corner Bistro and Paul’s Da Burger Joint that actually exist in New York. This episode also guest staring Regis Philbin who was also obsessed with looking for the same burger joint.

By the end of the episode they got clues from different people and searched around the city for this burger joint. They found the burger joint’s address which was 106th Street and Manhattan Avenue and went there but it became an ATM machine for a bank that Marshall recently accepted a position there. But they ended up paying a guy $100 from a strip club next store to tell them where they moved to. After Marshall had his first bite he knew he found his dream burger! Everyone including Regiis Philbin was happy!
There were many good and funny parts to the show, you just have to watch it!

Funny quotes from the episode (mostly referring to a burger):
Lilly: “I just had my first burgasm!”

Barney: "I love this burger so much I want to sew my ass shut!"

"I want to get this burger pregnant"

Marshall: "I wanna have dibs on those burger babies!"
So where do you get an awesome burger in New York? I like to eat burgers but to me, a burger is a burger! I haven't taste an "awesome" burger before in New York probably because I usually don't order a burger unless I go to a burger joint. I've been to a few burger place, that to me have okay burgers such as New York Burger Company (how original!):

Johnny Rocket:

And a few other places, which was ehh okay. The most memorable burger I EVER had was the one Andy made me! It was THE burger cake! I can't find the pics but it was awesome and amazing! The burger was HUGE!! He used a big sourdough bread as the bun, it was the size of a round cutting board. The meat was as big as the sourdough bread which was nicely marinated, very tasty and juicy! He topped it with lots of onions, mushrooms and cheese! We both only had a slice (less then 1/4) of this burger cake and we were so stuffed! The special part about this burger cake is that he brought it to my work and ate it with me for dinner! I was soo surprise! It was an amazing burger made with love <3!>
Where did you taste your awesome burger?

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Charlene said...

Have you ate at shake shack yet? Shroom burger! Yummie when the cheese oozes out!