Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama inauguration lunch at O'Neil's

The whole morning I was actually very excited about today's inauguration and told myself I must make time to see it during lunch. So the afternoon came, I was wondering if we can watch TV in our conference room. Then I heard Shao Ping going into the conference room and trying to see if the TV is set up and it wasn't! I was kind of disappointed. Shao Ping and I really want to see it and was trying to figure out where we would find a TV. I actually suggested that we go to a dim sum place and have lunch so we can watch it on the big screen TVs. Most Asian places, especially the dim sum place all have big screen TV. They usually have a few of them hanging all over the restaurants w/ different channels turned on at the same time. We usually can't hear the TV because it's always packed with people and everyone talks loudly. The captions are usually on and people just read it.

So we decide to check if "Red Egg", a new dim sum place across the street from us. It was 11:50, we went across the street and went into Red Egg. We asked the first person we saw who was at the bar area. "Do you have a TV?" He looked at us weirdly and say "Sorry, we don't. Why do you need a TV?" Then we told him we wanted to see the inauguration on TV. He told us to go to a bar one block over because he knows for sure there's a TV. So we hurried our way to the bar. We walked in, it was quiet and the only sound was Obama's voice. Everyone was staring at the TV.

The whole event, well part of what I saw was breathe taking, so many people traveling from everywhere coming together to be a part of this event. At the bar, people were clapping and cheering for Obama. I was really happy because I do believe he'll bring change, hopefully good change. Yes, we can!!

We couldn't just sit there and not order so this is my Obama's inauguration lunch. It was realllly good. The crab tasted fresh and the chipotle sause on top was great. The fries were really good. They probably fried it 2x so it was extra chrispy. I will def. come back here for lunch again.

Oneil’s Crab Cake Sandwich 12
Jumbo lump crab meat, cheddar cheese, chipotle sauce, jalapeno coleslaw

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174 Grand St
New York, NY 10013

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