Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mad for some Bon Chon!

The other night Andy was craving for some wings. He doesn't want just any wings, he wanted some Bon Chon. We found their menu in our menu collection and called to ordered two large orders of wings (no we didn't finish it in one sitting..) Then we drove all the way to Flushing to pick it up. We haven't been to Bon Chon for a long time so Andy forgot which street it was on but I remember it was one block away from the other chicken wing place call KyoChon. When we finally saw KyoChon I told him we are near. We drove by the next block of KyoChon but we didn't see Bon Chon so he kept on driving. I told him I was 100% sure it is suppose to be on that block so he went back but instead of finding Bon Chon we saw "Mad For Chicken"!! WTF??

Our conversation while we were parked across the street from "Mad For Chicken":
Me: Who did you call before to order the wings?
Andy: Bon Chon
Me: Where the hell is Bon Chon? Did you call the Manhattan one?
Andy: No!
Me: *checking the phone number that Andy called before and looking at the "Mad For Chicken" phone number on their front store sign* it's the same number as the old Bon Chon!
Andy: what happen to Bon Chon!
Me: Should we pick up the order? It's not Bon Chon! What the hell is this mad chicken!! Why didn't they tell you it's not Bon Chon? (this is me all hungry and cranky btw it's around 9 something in the evening)
Andy: it's probably the same but they just changed the name...
Me: This mad chicken better be good...

We walked in the restaurant and it looks exactly the same as the old Bon Chon. I looked around at what people are eating at their table. The chicken wings looks similar but then I spotted dishes of popcorn on peoples table. This is not Bon Chon.... But when we got to the counter towards the back area we saw take out orders in Bon Chon bags! We were so happy to see the Bon Chon bag but Andy had to ask the waiter:

Andy: is this really Bon Chon or you guys just using the Bon Chon bags.
Waiter: *laughs* we just change management.
Andy: so the chicken wings taste the same right?
Waiter: yes, it's the same...

YES, it is the same...we ordered the soy garlic, our favorite! instead of giving us the pickled radish they gave us corn as the side dish!

It wasn't just plan corn, they mixed in colesalw so it was a little sour. It was okay, I was actually craving those pickled radish...


Jessica said...

There's one in Staten Island actually. I've never eaten there but heard its really good. I want to try it now!!

Jessica said...

Check this out: