Monday, May 18, 2009

Review of International Food Festival '09

This Saturday, we had to run errands the whole day so we got to the festival around 5pm. We thought the crowds would die down during this time but it was still packed and filled with people. Food was everywhere and I couldn't wait to check out each stand! I was hunting for some cheap eats, street fair food and something spectacular but I didn't find anything that was spectacular.... The best thing about being at the festival so late is that the food vendors sell their stuff for cheaper because they want to get rid of the food. I got some two for one deals! yay! The first thing I spotted was Kyotofu! I've been wanting to check out their cupcake and I did...I got the chocolate souffle cupcake. It has a very rich chocolate taste and was very moist. I liked it but I prefer my cupcakes to be lighter....Andy wasn't impressed said it was just a really moist brownie. I won't say this place has the best cupcakes but I do want to go back to try more of their stuff! Who wants to go with me?

There was alot of Thai food stands at the festival. Most of the Thai place sold the same things like skewer stuff, pad Thai, noodles, egg rolls and etc. I notice Thai food was the cheapest food at the fair. How come all Asian cuisine are mostly cheap eats? Most of their stuff was $1-5 so I tried out a few of the Thai places, this was one of them...This place served different flavor popsicles...
This is a deep fried soft shell crab, the skin was soggy and cold so it tasted really bad... Maybe it would've been good if it was hot. so i tired soft shell crab somewhere was cold but it was actually good. The soft shell crab was kinda of meaty and tasted fresh. some healthy choices... fresh fruit or smoothies.
This piggie was being grilled for the restaurant called Chimichurri Grill. We didn't try it but it sure looks good!
This piggie didn't want to get the piggie flu! We wanted to eat more stuff but everyone was packing. Now I wish we went earlier! I didn't get to eat the fair foods like funnel cakes and stuff like that but at this point I was kinda of stuffed from all the fried food. Oh well...
Since the weather is getting nicer, I'm looking forward to all street fairs and out door activities. That means more food everywhere!! YAY!

Bad economy = free drink!

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