Sunday, October 3, 2010

Taste of Belgium #3: Mussels

In Belgium, mussels are often served with fresh herbs and flavorful vegetables in a stock of white wine or cream. They are usually consumed with frites or bread. This is another must have food in Belgium....

Stesi took us to anther fav restaurants of theirs called Publique.

Sita, Andy and I each got a pot of mussels but each with a different stock. Sita got the original, I got the cream and Andy got the special with wine and garlic. It was topped w/ tons of veggies. The mussels were very fresh, so delicious! It came w/ a sour cream like sauce and a side of frites. The pot does not look big but it has a lot of mussels. It was like an endless pit! I couldn't finish my pot so Andy had to help me...

Steven doesn't like mussels so he got a chicken pot pie like dish w/ a side of frites.
Our table full of mussel shells!! *burp*
Desserts time =) all of them were very good!!!
a) 3 different sorbets
b) chocolate souffles
c) tiramisu
d) crembule on fire!
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2, Graaf Van Egmontstraat
2000 Antwerpen (Antwerp) Belgium

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