Monday, October 4, 2010

Taste of Beligum #5: Jenever and Beer

Jenever (aka Holland/Dutch gin) is a traditional liquor of the Netherlands and Belgium. It is popular for its different favors ranging from many types of fruits or cream favors. My sister tried it and kept raving about it so of course we had to try....

We head over to "De Vagant", a Jenever bar:

There were so many favors to choose from but I ordered the lychee and Andy got the pear favor. Before you take a shot of Jenever, first you're suppose to take a sip of it while the shot is on the table then you chuck the whole thing.

I thought mine was a little to strong. Andy's pear was REALLY good! Cheers to our first Jenever! At this time, I couldn't handle another shot so we all only had one. Andy and I were both dead tired because we just got off the plane and I haven't slept yet. If I drank anymore I would probably be sleeping/passed out on the table.
One of my highlights, we stumbled upon the Cathedral Bar in Antwerp. It was a very cozy bar with lots of interesting decor of many Catholic saints and church related stuff. It's like we walked into a mini basilica but they serve alcohol!

Steven had a strong beer:
the rest of us had fruity (cheery and raspberry) beer! It's light and taste really good!
drinking beer in the afternoon the Belgium way...
We also found another hold in the wall beer/wine tasting place while trying to find Jeanneken Pis, peeing girl in Brussels. We got tired of looking for her so stopped by at Délices et Caprices for a drink:
It was a really small store with a few tables. There were cabinets and shelves of beer everywhere.
The owner was really nice and chatted with us. He gave us really good recommendations. Steven had the strong beer and we again had the fruity stuff. Sita picked the apple and we had the raspberry beer.
I really like this one...
he let us try a light beer:
Cheers to a great time in Belgium!!
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De Vagant
Reyndersstraat 25
2000 Antwerp, Belgium
03 233 15 38

Cathedral Bar (?)
can't find information online

Délices et Caprices
Rue des Bouchers 68
Brussels, Belgium B1000

02 5121451

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