Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chef with Sole: Fresh seafood joint in Bay Ridge!

I LOVEEE seafood!! You don't know how happy I am to have a seafood joint in my neighborhood and it's literally around the corner from me! It's a market and a restaurant, how convenient! I came here to buy fish before and they have a huge selection of fresh fish to choose from. I've always wanted to check out their menu so finally Andy and I went one night....
Chef with sole is a small seafood joint with a few tables in the front of the store and towards the back is the market section. The decor of the place definitely spells out seafood all the way, nets hanging from the ceiling, ship models, and fish ornaments all around. I think it's cute...
So we decide to order a few of our favorites.....

Mussels in white wine, garlic, lemon and butter ($6.99)
We loved the sauce!! I wanted to drink it after we were done with all the mussels. I wish they served bread so I could've ate it with the sauce. The mussels were really fresh, the meat was actually creamy. If it wasn't fresh the meat would've been rubbery and chewy.
Mini Crab cakes with roasted garlic aioli ($7.99)
I like this appetizer but some of the crab were slightly too burnt. I like my crab cakes to be lumpy with chunks of crab meat. I felt the meat was too chopped up, too mushed like mash potato or a croquette. The favor was very good, I can taste alot of the crab taste with a hint of the squeezed lime. The bed of spinach was great with it.
Lobster Roll (New England Style) served with cole slaw and pickles ($11.99)
I love lobster itself and anything that's made from lobster especially lobster rolls. I really like this this one! There were other ingredient in the lobster roll sandwich which made this roll very unique and delicious! Andy and I couldn't tell what we loved about it so we started to analyzing the ingredient in this lobster roll. We weren't sure what was the yellow looking chunk of ingredient was so we asked one of the staff. It was mango! Delicious!

But I thought the mayo taste covered too much of the lobster and other ingredients. Maybe they should put less or use something to bring out the flavors of the other ingredients...overall I liked it alot!
hmm...I'm drooling right now...look at those chunk of lobster!
The staff at Chef with Soles were so nice! And also we met the chef, his name is Brian. He talked to us for a bit and he spoke about his experience as the executive chef at other restaurants and at a airport (I forgot which one...). His father also owns a butcher shop which is also in Bay Ridge. He was nice talking to him and I would definitely go back to chat and try more of their food! I think their food is fresh, taste great and the price is reasonable!
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Chef with Sole
8618 3rd Ave
(between 86th St & 87th St)
Brooklyn, NY 11209
(718) 680-7653

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