Sunday, August 2, 2009

Restaurant Week 2009: Lure

My thoughts on restaurant weeks:
Each year when restaurant week arrives, I never really cared to go. It may seem weird for a foodie not to care but from past experience some of the places I went to are a hit or miss. I think it may not be the restaurant itself but because of their menus that they offered during restaurant week. Things on the restaurant week menu doesn't seem that great compared to the regular menu. Sometimes I would rather pay the price for something I want then be restricted to order from a certain list.

Back to my Lure experience...
I met up with my cousin Angela for my first restaurant week of 2009. I let her pick the restaurant and I'm so glad she chose Lure. This is the first time I was impressed with the restaurant week menu. I loved the decor of the place because it was like I'm eating on a boat...
We made the reservations for 7pm. I got out of work a little after 6:30 and walked there, it took me around 10 mins. I got there and she was already at the bar! We took advantage of the happy hour which was about to end at 7pm. The happy hour menu looked great, raw bar for $1 per piece and $6 cocktail drinks. I must come here another time....

I've been so stressed out lately I drank one Lychee Bellini right away and took another drink with me to the table. The price would've been more expensive if we ordered them at our table so I'm happy we saved money on the drinks!
Complimentary bread:
Appetizer #1: Raw Bar Tasting:
East and West Coast oysters, shrimp cocktail, littleneck clams
I never liked raw oysters or clams. The last time I tried to eat them was a disaster. I almost threw up and had to spit it out but this time I absolutely loved them! The main reason why this time the whole experience was different is because they were fresh and had no fishy taste. The texture of the oyster and clams were creamy when you bite into it and taste was sweet with a hit of cocktail sauce and lemon. It was awesome! Recently I've been craving them alot, I guess I have to plan a happy hour outing....
Appetizer #2: Crispy shrimp tempura
This dish I was not impressed at all, it tasted like those shrimp balls from dim sum house served with mayo. The only thing I liked about this dish is the sauce which
a spicy mayo.
Appetizer #3: Soft shell crab (from the regular menu)
I loved the whole dish! The presentation and taste was great! The soft shell crab was meaty and crispy outside. It is served with a mixed blend of fruit on the bottom with a light mango or some sort of fruity sauce. Soo good....

Entree #1: Grilled Salmon
with spatzel, peas, smoked onions and herb vinaigrette
The salmon was a little pink inside the way I like it. I liked the spatzel, peas and onions mixture. The sauce was very light and delicious!

Entree #2: Seared Yellowfin Tuna:
Nori Crusted, shittake, edamame, and dashi glazed
Another great dish!

Dessert #1: Warm Chocolate Cake:
Salted Caramel Ice cream and popcorn brittle
Omg, I was in was so moist and choclate oozed out from the middle. The combination of the chocolate cake and ice cream was soo goooddddddd....

Dessert #2: Coconut Tapioca with tropical sorbet
This was yummi but tasted like the Chinese tapioca tong sui but with passion fruit sorbet.
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