Thursday, August 27, 2009

Food Spy for Metro Asian Food Magazine

I had the opportunity to be a food critic for a Asian food magazine called Metro Asian Food. It was such a fun and amazing experience I wish I could do this for a living!

Every issue they have a section where readers participate in "food missions"and a few are selected to be food spies aka food critics. It's a very simple process, you sign up online to be a member then they will send an email to everyone announcing the date, time and cruise. On a first come first basis if you are one of the few who reply the fastest then you will be chosen. I've been trying for a few months and I guess I got lucky! I got so lucky I got Andy to come with me too!! Our mission, Shanghai food!!!
Our special spy pins:
The first stop we went to was Shanghai Cafe.
We were excited!!!
Our other spy members, Vivian and Ling
We got interviewed by the writer after each bite of the food. The photographer was snapping pictures left and right and telling us to pose.
Our food writer Jeny
Here are some of my favorites from each of the restaurants. You can see the rest of the dishes in the article.
The must haves at a Shanghai restaurant, soup dumplings.
this has some sort of veggies and pork
Over all I thought Shanghai Cafe was so so....I've been here many times so I guess I was sick of the food. And the dish they gave us wasn't anything special.

Next stop:
interesting decoration with a mini looking bridge...
the buns were small but the skin was thinner which I like...
This restaurant went all out and served us their expensive dishes which was mostly seafood. I love seafood!!
crabs with salty eggs, one of my favorite of the day...
crispy shrimp with tea leafs, another favorite of the day...the shrimp was so crispy you can eat the whole thing like a chip...
thumbs up to the chef!!
Mission accomplished!!!
our photographer
Perks being a food spy: I got a souvenir bag filled with goodies, a pin, awesome free meal and being in a very popular food magazine!! yay!!
See article here...
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Shanghai Cafe
100 Mott Street

New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe
65 Bayard Street

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