Tuesday, August 11, 2009

TY at McDonalds: I Want Them ALL!!

Today I didn't eat lunch until 3:30pm! I was busy the whole day and attended a long meeting so I didn't have time to pick up lunch. It was so late in the afternoon that I didn't feel hungry anymore but decided to go to McDonalds for a little snack. I walked to the counter and was about to order a snack wrap but something caught my eye! A whole wall of teenie beanie babies! I think I scared my coworker Stella who came with me because I let out a scream. I told her I changed my mind and was going to order a happy meal. She laughed at me....

My love for TY beanie babies goes back to high school days. I really like them but they were so expensive and my parents didn't want to buy them for me (well they did but only if it was on clearance section but I love and appreciate all of it!) Then McDonalds started the teenie beanie babies promotion that came with the happy meal. For my parents (most Asian parents), if you buy a toy it's waste of money, but if you buy food that comes with a toy that's a deal! Then they were willing to buy them for me. Yay! We ate lots of McDonald for awhile. I would also force my friends to eat the happy meals I buy because I usually buy more then one at a time.
Today I got the ladybug! My goal is to collect MOST of them. Stay tune to see how many I will get. I'm gonna post my daily TY purchases here:
1) Maiden-The Ladybug

UPDATE as of 8/12/09
2) Fez-The purple monkey
3) Radish- The Dog
4) Topper-The Giraffe
5) Frostiness-The Polar Bear
6) Aussie-The Koala
7) Fluffball-The Guinea Pig
8) Yammy-The Cat
9) Oasis-The Tiger
10) Splits-The Flamingo
11) Rascal-The Dog
12) Streamers-The Bear
13) Celebration-The Bear
14) Thirty-The Bear


Artisticpixie said...

lol this reminds me of my former collection of beanie babies...

grace said...

lol i'll get a happy meal with you!